mercoledì 14 ottobre 2015

2015\2016 Campaign

After lurking for 6 months in a living hell and lost a couple of productions on the way (that doesn't mean they're cancelled though) here we're with the 2015\2016 campaign:

Lilyum - October's Call -  It's already out. A stunning digipak with a minimalist yet informative booklet. Are you a fan of challenging and true to the roots (but not dogmatic) black metal? October's Call should be your CD of choice.

Aidan Baker - Stimmt - the noise rock album of one of the most respected experimental artists out there. Planner for mid-end of the October. OUT ON October the 26th.

Empty Chalice - This Way Is Called Black - recorded over 6 months, the debut album of Empty Chalice could be one of the best work produced by a newcomer. Dense, layered, philosophically deep, dark and haunting, This Way Is Called Black is a powerful statement. For fans of: twisted dark ambient, death industrial (Cold Meat anyone?), disturbing drone.
Planned for: Decembre 2015.

ODRZ42 - CD digipak -  Sinfonia NO.1 . A celebrating piece for that amazing italian project.
With 15 years of experience under their belts, the members of ODRZ42 are ready to deliver an unforgettable performance, for your, dear listeners. Planned for December (late November)

Dark Awake - CD digipak - a very very very interesting martial\neofolk\ambient project I discovered some months ago. Stay tuned. We've a working title and well I am busy with the artwork. Life sometimes gets the best of you but I hope to show something close to the finished art in the following days. Planned for end of the year.

Rivultes\ Nathan Amundson - LP + download code - you may know that one. Two long pieces in the vein of Western Songs. Must have. And first "solo" LP for Naked Lunch. Amazing. Planned for spring 2016 CONFIRMED

Masami Akita aka Merzbow -  CD\tape - I saw this release coming. We haven't planned yet the format or what material should be issue, BUT, we know it's about to happen. More info soon.
Planned: winter\spring 2016.

Lorenzo Nascitari\Richard Ramirez - tape - collaboration - planner for last fall, I've had this raw and crude collaboration between the two noise master for such a long time on my it's time the tape will see the ligh of the day. Planner for November (late October). Tapes were duplicated months ago. 1:1 for the best sound quality. Dolby C. CONFIRMED.

Joie De Vivre\Richard Ramirez - tape - Pornocracy - a split release between my project and Richard. Tracks are being recorded. Planned for sometimes in the 2016.

Joie De Vivre\Maurizio Bianchi - tape - Decombres - as above.

The Rita - TBA - CD - proposal has been made. There could be something here. Planned for sometimes in the 2016.